Thanks for your interest in advertising on Nsengiyumva Holdings Corporation’s Network of web and mobile properties.

Each month, we help more than three million people find the best products and services for their needs.

You can reach that engaged audience during their research process, close to their purchase decision, and various visits on the internet!

The Stats:

Currently, our network includes sites targeted to visitors to the US, Canada, and the UK.

– 3,000,000 organic monthly unique visits.
– 12,000,000 monthly page views.
– Over 100,000 members.


Depending on your product or service, your budget, and your goals, we have several advertising opportunities to choose from on our network:

Sponsored Posts / Editorial

Sponsored articles provide valuable information to our readers plus highlight your product or service. They blend with the look and feel of a normal post and are marked as sponsored in order to be transparent with our readers.

  • Great content produced by us and sponsored by your brand
  • Put yourself in front of thousands of readers 
  • Drive high-quality traffic to your website
  • Article appears on the home page for 1 week
  • Article stays on the site permanently in our archives after the feature ends at no charge
  • From $199 per story

– All sponsored posts shall be labelled as such.
– We reserve the right to refuse any posts or links within posts.
– Available to family-friendly sites only.
– All sponsored content must match network’s set of values

Sponsored Listings
Reach customers while they are actively comparing their options. With our sponsored listings, we include call-to-action buttons next to product search results. This brings interested shoppers directly to your site. 

  • Appears in product search results
  • Put your brand in front of thousands of readers
  • Drive high-quality traffic
  • Click-through links included on side-by-side compare pages
  • Click-through links included on individual product/service pages
  • Cost per click

Display Advertisements
The first thing you might have noticed is that we have a limited number of ad positions. Instead of bombing our readers with hideous network ads that repel, we have a few premium positions for special companies. This minimal ad experience ensures both a positive experience for readers and maximum impact for your brand.

Display ads are sold on a CPM (per 1,000 impressions) basis and may be targeted to section, country, or device (mobile vs. desktop). We support the commonly effective IAB formats including Leaderboard (728 x90px), MPU (300x250px, 300x600px, 720x300px and 970x250px).

Site Sponsorship
Reach our entire audience. When you book a monthly site sponsorship with our network you get three sponsored editorial posts, prominent brand ad placement, and inclusion in our newsletter as the exclusive sponsor.

To inquire about sponsored posts, display advertising, and other sponsorship opportunities such as site sponsorship or featured product listings, please contact yohannes @